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There was a guy, his name was Buzz

A greater guy there never was

When it comes to feeding people

Buzzs Schneider has no equal.

Started out in Waikiki

Work for Canlis Maitre D’

Seat da people, spock da chicks

buzzy always got his pick.

soon he got one big idea

buzzy like get outta her

“borrow money get a loan 

open up one place my own.”

Steak & lobster, salad bar

with a place like this he could go far.

“come inside and go for broke

sirloin tip and artichoke.”

Cater to the stewardess

buzzy made a big success

don the beach and trader vic’s

came to taste the drinks he mixed.

soon he go for #2

seems the only thing to do

restaurant after restaurant! rapid fire!

pretty soon - ho! get plenty tired!

buzzy says he needs a break

one fast aloha he will make

to waikiki he says good -bye 

holo holo to lanikai.

a few more years they work non stop

pretty soon they’re back on top

buzzy says with casual pride,

“I think ill conquer the  winDward side.”

one more time he start expanding 

(lack of credit non with standing)

buzz and bobby what a team!

pretty soon they pick up steam.

from beautiful downtown aiea 

to the windswept beaches of wailed

bully hayes and kona too

for buzz schneider… nothing new.

da guy get copy - cats galore

chart house, chucks and even more,

jolly roger, victoria station,

bobby mcgee’s congolemertaion.

rose’s beachHouse, cork and cleaver

everyone a gay deceiver

buzzy da guy wen start da fad

when you’re talking restaurants 

this dude is bad!

so mr. rolls and mr. cabell!

buzz says to “go to hell”

you can have your fancy shops

buzz’s place is still the tops.

the guy is hip, the dude can swing,

he is the steak and lobster king!

but still today with all his bucks

they walk in the door and say

“eh, is this chucks?”